Jump for Fun Trampolines is Now Under New Ownership

Pre-order the new OctaJump KING and receive a free play roof with every order - Limited stock available

Excellent prompt delivery, easy to assemble. Far superior in quality to the cheaper ones seen in supermarkets. The octagonal shape really does help reduce collisions when more than one is bouncing. My only problem is supplying the drinks and snacks to all of the children in the neighbourhood who now come and play!!

10ft OctaJump

Swift delivery, excellent product. I actually managed to put this up on my own. Hard work but possible (not bad for forty-something housewife!). This is a great trampoline. 4 kids have bounced together and no collisions. Very springy, looks lovely, nice green covers. I would highly recommend it.

Trampoline Play Den

The playden looks great when it's up, my husband & 8yr old son put it up so it is quite easy. The kids have had great fun & haven't stayed out of it since it has been put up. As soon as the kids friends have come over everyone has to have a try in it. An all round great success, glad i saw it on your website.

Trampoline Play Den

Really really good, everyone loves it. Two words of warning though, Expect never to see you children in the house again and where there would have been two or three in your garden, now there will be at least ten.

12ft OctaJump Popular

I have just put our trampoline up and fitted the new safety net enclosure which I received from yourselves and I have to say its BRILLIANT! It's so much better than the original. There are 5 trampolines in our neighborhood and your safety net enclosure is by far the best, it fits brilliantly and the netting is so much stronger!

The play roof has been a fantastic addition to our trampoline, plus its great value. Now rain really cant stop play. I no longer dread the long school holidays when the weather is often wet and miserable!

Trampoline Play Roof

A fantastic trampoline - my husband put it together on his own, much more quickly than he'd expected. It is fairly unobtrusive as it is all green, and the children have been loving it. The 'not bouncing into the middle' theory really seems to be working: great for minimising casualties!

10ft OctaJump

It seems all our neighbours have trampolines but I can assure you none of them have a trampoline that comes near to the quality of this octagonal trampoline. Not cheap but the quality stands out.

12ft OctaJump

Greater Safety

The design of an Octajump means that bouncers aren't pulled into the middle together like conventional trampolines. Help avoid any accidents with this proven design.

Quality Guaranteed

Every one of our trampolines has a high quality, thick steel frame. We then galvonise inside and out to ensure your trampoline stands up to the weather.

Takes Less Space

If you don't have a large amount of space, having a trampoline might not seem like an option. But with our trampolines, the octagonal shape fits a larger trampoline into a smaller space than traditional trampolines.

Better Performance

We use bigger, better quality, exclusively designed springs on our trampolines. This combined with our patented frame design creates a truly fantastic trampoline. All our customers will tell you that the Octajump provides much better bounce performance when compared to a traditional trampoline.